Women are often asked to get a blood test taken to see if their symptoms are related to the menopause. For the majority of women this is unnecessary and against the guidance of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE). The menopause and perimenopause should be diagnosed after an assessment of symptoms. 

A test to measure hormone levels will only show that moment in time, and may well be 'normal'. What it doesn't show, is the fluctuating levels of the female hormones during this phase, particularly the perimenopause. Performing these tests are a waste of time and resources for both women and the health service.

Sadly, many women are denied the option of Hormone Replacement Therapy based on their blood test results. This needs to stop. Treatment options for women should be discussed based upon their symptoms. A great checklist can be completed via the Balance app and taken to your health professional. 

The exceptions to this, is for women whose periods have been absent for 12 months or more and wish to know if they still require contraception or not, and for women who may be experiencing a very early menopause.