The Menopause Clinic

Having struggled myself trying to make sense of the changes I was experiencing, and being unable to find the right support at my own GP practice, I am determined to make things easier for other women.

The transition into menopause can be overwhelming for most of us. Struggles with mood, anxiety, fatigue, brain fog or poor sleep can be detrimental to our daily lives. The list of symptoms is long and variable, many sadly not recognised as being related to the menopause by some medical practitioners. 

There is help and support for you at my clinic. 

Improvements in lifestyle can make a significant difference to how we feel, and there are always some areas that can be worked on. With supportive coaching I can help you  to navigate which areas to focus on to start moving forward in a positive way.

Many women find Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to be beneficial in improving their quality of life. This can be explored in your appointment so that you can decide what approach is right for you

Appointments are available in person at your home or virtually. Please select the appropriate option when booking.

Initial Menopause consultation: £145

Follow Up consultations: £75

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